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Seclam Factory

Located on the outskirts of Alexandria and launched in 1946, SECLAM became the first dairy production factory in Egypt, producing pasteurized milk on a large scale.

After SECLAM was acquired by Mansour group in 1998 it became the first company in Egypt to produce juices in PET bottles with sports caps, as well as the first to re-launch pasteurized (fresh) milk.

At SECLAM, we invest heavily in new technology to ensure that we are always offering higher quality products under the strictest quality specifications.

SECLAM products are currently sold across Egypt and in 30 other countries. They carry ISO 2005/2000, OHSAS 2007/18001, ISO 2004/14001, ISO 2008/9001, ISO 2005/17025, and BH OHSAS 18001:2207 certifications. Additionally, they have quality marks from EOS in UHT Milk, Processed Cheese, and White Feta Cheese.

Hayat Factory

Located only 35 km away from the beautiful Siwa Oasis in Abou Shrouf, the Hayat factory utilizes the latest production-line technologies and is maintained and serviced by over 110 dedicated staff members. With a focus on sheer quality, Hayat is committed to providing nothing less than pure natural water. Backed by scientific meticulousness and stringent Quality Assurance Systems, Hayat applies innovative strategies in order to satisfy the qualitative demands of its customers and provide new products that will satisfy their changing needs.

So far, Hayat has been awarded the ISO 9001, 22000, and 18001 certificates. In addition to applying the HACCP requirements, Hayat continues to strive for the best quality to guarantee its customers the purest water.


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